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Visit the Lozere

Visit Lozère

la roche affleure en Margeride et en Aubrac, LozèreDo not be fooled, La Lozère is mountain!

Located in the heart of the French Massif Central, halfway between Clermont-Ferrand and Montpellier, in the center of a Toulouse / Lyon axis, La Lozère is distinguished by many particularities.

It is primarily a mountain region with an average altitude of 1000 m.

Particular fact: without having great summits (Pic de Finiels: 1699 m, Pic Cassini: 1605 m and Mont-Aigoual: 1565 m), the Lozère is the highest department in France at average altitude. The highlands of Aubrac and Margeride (north of the territory) contribute a lot to this pole position ...

In addition, Lozère has a very low population of around 14 inhabitants per km² on average in 2016 (against 33 inhabitants / km² in Europe, 92 inhabitants / km² in Spain, 118 inhabitants / km² in metropolitan France and 269 inhabitants / km²). UK*).

Causse-mejean-Lozère ©A. Chabert 

This demographic factor has allowed the territory to preserve an extraordinary landscape heritage.

The fauna and flora, very varied in our region, are our best assets.

The natural heritage of the country continues to prove by its spectacular diversity, that Lozère remains a wild department with the highest density of hiking trails in France and one of the most popular destinations for nature lovers.

The existence of the Cévennes National Park (80% of the Park is in Lozère) and the nomination of the Causses and Cevennes as World Heritage by UNESCO only prove the extreme particularity of our territory and the need to preserve it and cultivate that authentic taste that is only found here.

* Source Insee


Mende, located in the uplands of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, in the heart of the department of the Lozère, is the ancient capital of the Gevaudan province, just three hours from Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse and less than two hours from Montpellier and Clermont-Ferrand.

There, surrounded by the high meadows of Aubrac and Margeride, Mende is the gateway to the Gorges du Tarn and the Cévennes National Park. The people and town of Mende invite you to spend a weekend, a week or longer and discover the eternal natural beauty of the Lozère.

Office de Tourisme Intercommunal Mende, Coeur de Lozère

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