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Mountain bikes routes

Mountain bikes routes:

Nous vous proposons plusieurs circuits VTT de différents niveaux autour de la ville de Mende.
Tous ces sentiers sont balisés et vérifiés chaque année par la communauté de commune Cœur de Lozère.
Chacun de ces circuits ont été validés par la Fédération Française de Cyclisme.

We propose you several Mountain bikes circuits of various levels around the town of Mende.
All these paths are marked out and checked each year by the staff of the town hall of Mende.
Each one of these circuits were validated by the French Cycling Federation.

The code of the Mountain biker:

The recommendations of good behavior in Mountain Bike.
The Bicycle Any Ground as one wants! but…

• Take the ways marked out for your security and respect the direction of the routes

• Do not over-estimate your capacities and keep under control your speed

• Be careful and courteous at the time of the goings beyond or crossings of hikers because the pedestrian is priority

• Control the state of your VTT and envisage supplies and accessories of repair

• If you only leave, leave your route to your entourage

• The port of the helmet is strongly recommended

• Respect the private properties and the zones of cultures

• attention with the Agricultural machines

• Avoid the wild gathering of flowers, fruits and mushrooms

• Do not disturb the peace of the wild animals

• Keep your refuses, are discrete and respectful of the environment

My stay
Period of your stay

    Length of the route : 13.5 km

    Ce circuit en VTT est considéré comme une randonnée sportive avec une montée difficile. Distance : 13.2 km. Durée : 1 h 30. Dénivelé : + 275 m. Altitude mini : 800 m. Altitude maxi ...

    1h difficult

    Length of the route : 26.2 km

    Ce circuit est considéré comme une randonnée sportive difficile. - Distance : environ 27 km, - Durée : environ 3h15, - Dénivelé : +330 m (altitude mini 660 m - altitude maxi 890 m). Voir ...

    3h15 difficult

Office de Tourisme Intercommunal Mende, Coeur de Lozère

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