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At Bagnols-les-Bains, enjoy the tradition of the thermal spas in a facility that combines modern and traditional styles, all with the latest sophisticated equipment.

The village has several hotels and quality restaurants and numerous houses and apartments for rent.

The spa tradition of Bagnols-les-Bains dates back to Roman times.

Fully restored and refurbished in 1978, the establishment now has fully modern facilities.
A thermal and climatic resort, the waters are known to treat rheumatism and respiratory diseases.

Sulphur is involved in ENT therapy having bacteriostatic and antiseptic properties as well as eutrophic properties on degenerated respiratory mucosa.
Sulphur also has interesting properties in the management of rheumatic diseases (action on joint cartilage damaged during degenerative processes, action on the secretion of intra-articular fluids, and relaxation of fibrous periarticular connective-tissue.
The presence of bicarbonate contributes in the treatment of ENT diseases especially chronic congestive allergies.
Finally, fluorine allows the specific treatment of hearing loss due to ostopongiosis and postoperative courses after surgery fort this condition.

For fitness fanatics there is a gym with with hammam, jacuzzi, showers, bubble jet baths and massages.
A fantastic way to regenerate after a good long hike on Mont Lozère!

Contact : Centre thermal - 48190 BAGNOLS-LES-BAINS
Telephone: +33(0)4 66 47 60 02 - Fax: +33(0)4 66 47 63 88
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Vallon du Villaret Discovery park

Opened in 1993, this is a fantastic place to visit.
In a contemporary garden, the forest area has been transformed by artists into a unique experience.
The designers of Vallon faced the challenge of creating a park that is at once a place to play and a work of art. Given the number of people, This young and old alike who come back every year, the challenge has been met!
The Vallon leaves no one indifferent - its contemporary art exhibitions question some and

enthuse others.

Discover in a the chemin du filet, the green valley, the land of water, the wooden path, the country sounds. A surprising discovery park where games and art meet nature and history.

Contact : Vallon du Villaret - 48190 BAGNOLS-LES-BAINS
Telephone: +33(0)466476376 - Fax: +33(0)466476383
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