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passionate portrait : Cécile & Sébastien NAVECTH

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Passionate portrait : Cécile & Sébastien Navetch
Restaurant "La Safranière"

Why did you go into catering?

Studies got no more interest for me, so I decided to stop the lycee. I loved the cooking and I have learnt to appreciate the freshness and the quality of the products. Moreover, my father was manual and gave me the taste to do something by itself so I opted for the cooking.


Which training did you follow?

I went to Paris to do an apprenticeship, alternating with the Dodin Bouffant restaurant and the Ferrandi school. I learned the basics of cooking during two years before integrate the Parisian restaurant of Mr Le Divellec which proposed dishes made of fish. I continue my training in the Lyon region at Mr Alain Chapel’s place. This encounter marked me, inspired me and still guiding me in my cooking.

Then I discover a no frills mediterranean cooking made of olive oil in the Enoteca Pinchiorri restaurant, in Florence in Italy. I went to Hong-Kong and I stay during two years as chef to make European cooking and otherwise to apprehend an Asian cooking which influences some of my dishes.

Cécile is self-educated, she trained herself with the practice and with advices of professionnal friends. She acts alone in the restaurant to welcome, to present dishes, to serve and to give advices on wine and food pairing to the customers.

What guides you in your cooking?

My cooking is simple but is trim and the product is the king of the dish. First of all, I’m looking for puting it forward without denature the product nor hidding it under numerous flavours. I embellish my recipes with Asian and Italian influences which I discovered during my journeys. Our goal is « satisfying the customer and giving him pleasure ».


Do you work with local produce?

Yes, I’m sourcing the most possible with many local productors. For exemple, for vegetables, I call out Mrs Laurence BOUVIER, in Montbrun. I take my wildfowl from Mr Yves Trémoulet, in Chaudeyrac and I order my troats to the fish farming of Florac. For cheese, we present a plate which make the most of lozerian specialties. And for the wines, most of them come from regional wineries because they match well with the dishes we serve.


Your date and place of birth

I was born 0n 7 march in 1965 in Mende and my parents are lozerian too. We opened the restaurant in 1995 and it’s been 23 years that we are settled in Chabrits.


Back in Lozère, what is it that you appreciate here?

The Lozère offer very different landscapes and a quality of life which we appreciate. After my peregrinations around the world, I wanted to settle and to discover my cooking here. The Lozère became our ideal place to conciliate the domesticity and the catering profession. Today, we have five childrens and we don’t regret our choice.




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