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Cycling and mountain biking

The freedom of the hills

Whether you prefer open country trails or roads
Whether you prefer the big climbs or more gentle rides on the flat
Whether you like to travel far and fast or savour the beautiful scenery...
The Lozère is a dream for cyclists.
The most difficult thing is to choose which way to go!


"Mende à vélo" (Mende on a bike):


The website for cycling around Mende

Activities on two wheels:

- Bikes, cyclo-cross, mountain biking,...

- In Mende and around the Lozère

- news, new routes

Click on mendeavelo to find out more


Mountain biking park:

Mende crée un nouveau concept de VTT Park, respectueux de la nature.

Mende has created a new concept with its All Terrain Park, fully respecting the natural environment in the heart of the Causse de Mende forest, accessible to all for mountain biking through the wild undergrowth!

The goal is to introduce mountain biking to newcomers of all ages, and to encourage people who have given up cycling to get back into it. Mountain bike and Trial Courses, with sections adapted to all levels.

Everything has been designed so as not to spoil the natural beauty of the surroundings:

- All sections are made of wood, with more than half the key equipment sourced locally.

- The features have been created to protect the terrain without grading or levelling.

- No trees were cut down. All site maintenance is carried out by hand.

VTT Park 


Three distinct areas make up the park:

1. For children under 5 (175 m²).

2. A trail for children from five to eight years old (272 metres long with one section, two workshops and three natural obstacles).

3. A trail for over-eights (1,050 metres long with two sections, two workshops, a walkway, and eight natural obstacles).

The sections and workshops are made mainly from category iv treated pine, with no chromium or arsenic, assembled only with screws and without concrete seals.



New BMX Track:


A new BMX track has opened in the Jean-Jacques Delmas sports complex, behind the Marceau Crespin swimming pool.

Approved at the regional level, this 3,200 m2 dirt track is composed of three long straights with moguls and ridges of different heights over a distance of some 80 metres. Three large banked turns connect the straights.

This fully fenced track can also be used by schools and cycling associations.

The organisation is run by the Comité Départemental de Cyclisme.

The track is ideal for beginners and experts in this popular and growing sport.



Calendar of cycling/cyclo-cross/Mountain bike events

 Check out the diary on

All past and future dates are listed


Cyclotourist Tour of the Lozere


With 9,600 metres of climbs and descents over 595 km of trails, this permanent hiking trail is recognised by the Fédération Française de Cyclotourisme.

The ride, organised by the Mende Cycling Club, is open to everyone. In six days, or at your own pace, you'll see just how magnificent the Lozère truly is.

Contact: Pierre LUSSON : 04 66 94 07 63 -
Find out more in the website Tour de Lozère Cyclo

Renting a bike in Mende

All bike rental services

Mountain biking trails


Cyclotourism's routes

See all the cyclotourism's routes

    Length of the route : 87.7 km

    Circuit touristique qualifié comme étant difficile. Distance : 92Km Dénivelé : 550m (altitude min : 470, altitude max 1020) Km 0 : Départ du parking du Complexe sportif Jean-Jacques ...

    0min difficult

    Length of the route : 41.7 km

    Circuit cyclotouriste qualifié comme étant de niveau facile. - Distance : 43 km, - Durée : estimation non communiquée - Dénivelé : 339 m (altitude mini 635 m - altitude maxi 974 m). ...

    0min easy

    Length of the route : 22.2 km

    Circuit touristique étant qualifié comme de niveau moyen. Distance : 23 Km Dénivelé : 475 m (altitude min : 1069; altitude max 1541) Km 0 : Départ du Bleymard, direction le mont Lozère ...

    0min average

Mountain bike's routes

See all the mountain bike's routes

    Length of the route : 19.7 km

    Ce circuit en VTT est une randonnée sportive qualifiée comme difficile avec une descente rocailleuse. Distance : 19 km. Durée : 2h30. Dénivelé : + 236 m. Altitude mini : 709 m. Altitude ...

    2h difficult

    Length of the route : 50.3 km

    Ce circuit est considéré comme une randonnée sportive très difficile. - Distance : environ 53 km, - Durée : La journée, - Dénivelé : +958 m (altitude mini 710 m - altitude maxi ...

    0min difficult

Office de Tourisme Intercommunal Mende, Coeur de Lozère

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